Abuti Wadi Operations enjoys his time on the beach and a soft drink. Check all his pictures

Abuti Wadi Operations, also known as JazziQ, was on the beach having a good time. One that he has all the time and he loves a lot is his shoes. He is almost always wearing Carvel’s, and even in his podcast he has Carvela shoes in the background decoration. He really loves them and when you see him somewhere, you should be expecting to see him wearing Carvela.


It is one of the most loved shoes in South Africa and during its peak era, it was a shoe to have. It is still loved by other people and based on the old design of the shoe. It is a classic one to have, but some people are no longer interested in wearing them. Some Zulu or Xhosa people still wear them with Brentwood pants. “Big Zulu” is the famous man hyping it a lot.




JazziQ is living a lifestyle that is loved and wherever he goes, he gets a lot of attention from the public. He is an Amapiano musician and is making hit songs and it is normal for him to get a lot of attention from the public or fans. His pictures from the beach are beautiful and since he is calling himself Abuti Wadi Operations, he is operating very well.

He is not involved in many or any bad things at all, which is good for him. No one wants to see themselves in a bad situations and trying to stay clean. But it is wonderful to be open about your lifestyle because you will not be worried about any bad decisions. Your chosen lifestyle will make you visible in public places.

Besides being away from the music, he has to make the best moments for himself and they are very important to have. But then there are the unfortunate events that happens in life. You can’t be holding on to them and keeping yourself from the good occasions of your lifestyle. You can only enjoy them in the best way possible.