Gash1 and Thato from Big Brother Mzansi are still dating even now

Gash1 and Thato have in the relationship for many months now. Their relationship started as part of the game on Big Brother Mzansi and it got serious. Gash1 confirmed to Thato that he really loves her, he promised her happiness and lots of love.

Thato looks beautiful with her new hair.





Gash1 shared a picture of him with Thato yesterday. Thwy look beautiful, and their fans are still very much in love with them. Thato and Gash1 are always busy with their businesses, and making their moves in huge places.

Gash1 is still busy with with his clothing business and Thato is busy with presenting and her dance classes. Gash1 always supports Thato because he knows that Thato likes people and doing things that she loves.

Gash1 has been very good Thato, he is the real man for her. We wish them all the best in their relationship.