Man steals everyone’s hearts after being seen hustling with his baby on the streets.

For a long time, our cultures have taught us that it is a woman’s job to raise babies, and for a long time, men have not been seen as good at raising children compared to women.

It will take time for these stereotypes to change and for both genders to be seen as equally competent when it comes to parenting and raising kids.

A young man has recently stunned the whole country and left everyone emotional after trending all over social media the whole day yesterday.

This man was seen selling scones in the streets and the reason why he has been trending is that he had his baby with him, although the baby was covered in a blanket, many believe that this might have been the sweetest thing father has ever done.

A woman by the name of Mamokete Lechela said she saw this man early in the morning when she was on her way to work, she mentions that she asked him if he was taking the baby to daycare, and the man responded by saying he was not taking the baby to daycare he was going to sell scones with the baby.

The lady then took pictures of him and made a post on Facebook, the post has about Eleven thousand (11 000) likes and about Two thousand comments (2 000). Facebook groups such as Kasi Hustlers have shared this man’s pictures and his story, and that may one of the reasons why he has been trending so much.

This is good for society. It shows that anyone can be a great parent if they want to, and it seems like this young man is an amazing parent judging from this. I’m sure we can all agree that this man deserves all the positive attention that he is getting.