Gail Mabalane celebrates her daughter in recent post, leaving fans speechless.

No matter what happens in life, every parent just wants to see their child happy and growing up to be the best version of themselves. It is one always a big thing that they need. That’s why they make sure to celebrate their birthdays because they know it is time that cannot be taken back.




Give your children the best and they will reach for the stars. Gail Mabalane is an actress and businesswoman. She has a hair care range in Clicks. She has starred on a number of TV shows. Her recent one is Unseen on Netflix which is will be airing soon. She’s proud mother of two. Her first born is Zoe who is a smart little princess who is always behind some of Gail’s beautiful pictures. Gail shared a series of pictures celebrating her princess’ birthday. In every picture, she has a very big smile on her face.