Fans gush over Cici’s son as they congratulate him on his graduation.

It is graduation season and our bundle of joys are moving on to the next grade. This might seem like a small thing but it is their first step into their academic life and future. Many people would’ve loved for such an opportunity but didn’t get it.


Cici is an actress and musician. She has been in the industry for some years now. Her first year into the industry saw her walking away with song of the year. She has come a long way since leaving Author Mafokati’s record label. She’s now a mother and has released a number of songs.

She is keeping her baby daddy to herself and we understand. Privacy is very important to some people. She has shared a cute picture of her son in a graduating gown. Time indeed flies. It feels like yesterday when he was just a baby. Congratulations to the little man on his little achievement. This is the start of great things.