Rip : Meet Some Of The 20 People Who Died In Horrible Ghanzi Road

Yesterday, people lost their lives in a tragic accident on Ghanzi Road. This is a very tragic story, as we have lost far too many people in such incidents, as people tend to lose their lives on the road and the situation is spiraling out of control due to the criminal activities occurring in this country.

It is really painful to lose fellow countrymen in this manner, which is incredibly sad news for our nation. We must do more to guarantee that the criminality in the country is a major concern for the general population, and that it is eradicated.

While we are still mourning the loss of innocent lives at the hands of the police in Gaborone West, road accidents also contribute to the rise in crime, and this is something that many people are always concerned about. Because people want to feel safe when they drive, they cannot do so if they are aware of the dangers.

This is a very tragic situation for them, and it will take the authorities a very long time to fix the problems on the road, which must also be investigated. May their families find comfort in these trying times.

This weekend, over twenty people died in the United States, and accidents contribute to the high number of fatalities; therefore, more must be done