Elizabeth from Skeem Saam is proud of her normal life, see pictures fetching water from drum.

elebrities are normal people like you and me.Often times we see them on our television screens and assume their living the lavish and luxurious lifestyle.Some even comes from the deep rural areas,where there’s no running water or even electricity.The most amazing part is seeing them being proud of their family background not hiding who they are.
Elizabeth Thobakgale real name Amanda Manku who plays the SABC1 soap opera Skeem Saam is a South African actress. She shot to fame when she joined Skeem Saam portaying the role of Elizabeth, principal Thobakgale’s daughter who went to study medicine at University now she is working at a local hospital.

Amanda Manku has recently posted her pictures fetching water from the drum to the small bottles using a fannel.She is outside a Zozo and the place looks like its in the deep rural areas.One of her fans commented by saying This is the type of pictures we normally not see on instagram “.They were gushing over her for being proud of where she comes from.

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