Dj Zinhle’s mom leaves people in stitches with her prayer on The Unexpected

Dj Zinhle’s mom leaves people in stitches on social media after her appearance on dj Zinhle’s reality show. In the latest episode of The unexpected, we saw Dj Zinhle’s nephews birthday party.

During the party they asked Dj Zinhle’s mom, Ma’Jiyane to open in prayer. DJ Zinhle’s mom left people in stitches when she said in her prayer that her grandson must grow up to make alot of money because gogo needs money.




People said that they love dj Zinhle’s mom. They said that she reminds them of their own grandparents who is always praying for money. They said that money is important that’s why Dj Zinhle’s mom is praying for it. People said they loved her prayer. DJ Zinhle’s commentes on those posts with laughing emoji’s and said “My mom”. I guess we know why Dj Zinhle is such a good business woman.

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