DJ Zinhle’s little brother follows her footsteps as he proposes to his long term girlfriend.

Some cultures are very strict, you can’t get married until your parent or older sibling gets married. That’s why some people take years to finally tie the knot. It needs an understanding partner, who respects other people’s cultures. It is not an easy thing to do but it has to.

DJ Zinhle is one person who was hell bent on not getting married. The dj had made very clear to her partners and fans, that she didn’t see herself getting married. Well life happens and she met someone who made her change her mind. Her and her baby daddy Murdah Bongz have been married for a few months now. It recently aired on her reality show The Unexpected.





She has a little brother Zenzele who is her road manager. He has been with his partner for years now and they two children together. After his sister got married, he made sure to also marry his baby mama Kholika. He has proposed to her and she’s super excited. Kholika is an Era by DJ Zinhle employee, who is making things happen.