DJ Single Prefers The Young And Energetic. Find Out

The age difference between her and Bongz says it all

DJ Zinhle treated her fans with an honest QnA in which she gave some details about her relationship with Murdah Bongz and her preference when it comes to the men she dates.

The 37-year-old businesswoman and DJ (who will turn 38 in December) revealed that age is just a number in her relationships, but she prefers it to be younger.

We saw her in her public relationship with her former boyfriend Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, who is 33 years old. Their relationship didn’t end well, but the result was a beautiful girl named Cairo Forbes.

Zinhle reportedly pregnant again and apparently upset about it, her current partner, Bongani at Black Motion, reportedly treated her better than AKA when she was pregnant with her child.

Bongz is also younger than Zinhle as he is also 33 years old. Do you see the pattern there? They are both 4 years younger than Mama Ka Kairo.

On her Instagram QnA, Zinhle asked her followers what they would like to know about them and decided to be a little transparent and break their own privacy rules. One fan asked, “Does age matter who you go out with?” Zinhle replied, “No, but I prefer younger men,” he laughed.

Another of her cute answers to a question about how she knew Bongz liked him is going to make you go out looking for the handkerchiefs. “How did Bongani show you that he liked you?” a fan asked.

According to Zinhle, Bongani surprised her by using one of her old records to prove an old letter she wrote to her father shortly after his death in 2010. She even forgot the letter, which made the surprise even more emotional. .

“I found a record from my old collection. There was a letter on the cover that I wrote to my father after his death in 2010. I don’t even remember writing that letter, but I was very excited when I found it. He took the record, sampled it and made a song for me, ”he replied.

Murdah is probably the best thing that has happened to Zinhle romantically, as she had previously said how incredibly grateful she was to him.

Talking about how stupid she was in love, she told Somizi that she wanted to discover a person for herself instead of being told.She and her best friend Pearl were invited to dinner at Somizi and she said, “I think I’m still a fool. I’m the dumbest. When the heart starts beating ‘Umlilo’, I’ll be there.” She said to Somizi: “And that’s when I realize that I and Sthe (Pearl Thusi) are different. First the questions, but I go head over heels. I’ve found that I don’t want to be told about myself. I want to find for myself. I’ve experimented myself to be fine. ”




She added,” And it’s not just about romantic relationships. I don’t take someone else’s words as facts. I want you to prove yourself to prove it to me. I’m just a desperate romantic.I’m a fan of love. “