Cornet Mamabolo From #SkeemSaam Posted His Recent Pictures Left Mzansi Happy After They Saw This

After taking a short break from the spotlight, the South African actor Cornet Mamabolo has made his come back in The River series. Cornet Mamabolo is a South African actor popular known for his character as Thabo ‘Tbose’ Maputla in Skeem Saam SABC1 drama series.



The actor Cornet Mamabolo left SkeemSaam to focus on his insurance business which he recently build. It’s been months since he left SkeemSaam and his fans and followers has been missing him. The actor has been trending in social media after he recently join The River in Mzansi Magic.

The actor has left his fans talking in Instagram after he posted his recent picture with afro hair. Many fans could not help but to stir at the message which he left. Cornet Mamabolo have taken to his Instagram page where he left beautiful message to his fans. He was giving his fans a motivation about the success.

With caption: “Ordinarily people will not buy into your business because they want to help/empower you. People Ordinarily buy/want associations and unfortunately with the best (young/old). Well sometimes all you Ned is a spark for someone great to see in you to unlock your greatness to attract associations but it rare. Stop looking for help. You will die poor and angry. Sometimes you need to live life as it is and not as it should be” he wrotes.

His fans were left happy with the motivational message, while other were complementing him in his new role in The River.

Cornet Mamabolo is a businessman who has his own business. His exist in SkeemSaam come after he said he want to stabilize his insurance business in all the branches. Seeing him back in acting, it has convinced his fans and followers that he is back for good. People still have hope that one day he will comeback to SkeemSaam.