Connie Ferguson’s daughter turns 21

Actress Connie Ferguson’s daughter has turned 21 and she took the opportunity to share her special day on social media.

Her wrote a lengthy message bubbling with so much happiness and she surely is proud of her little angel.

Connie took to Instagram to narrate the journey of Alicia’s life, starting from the day she was born until the present moment.

She narrated how she was blessed to be a mum exactly 21 years ago and how that journey has been a fulfilling one for her.




She is indeed proud of her offspring.

“This time 21 years ago, I had checked into Parklane Clinic, getting ready to deliver one of the best gifts God has ever given me.”

Connie took the opportunity to share her joy and delights of being a mother to Alicia Ferguson.

Connie is one of the most celebrated actors in South Africa and she has won several accolades because of her acting talent.

“As I sit here typing this, that morning is replaying in my head. The anxiety, the excitement, the anticipation! I couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms! Your dad never left my side for a moment!”

Her dad is the late actor Shona Ferguson who passed away last year.