Big Brother Mzansi’s Mphowabadimo opens up on being a single mother of 2

n a recent video diary on her popular YouTube channel, Mphowabadimo, the winner of Big Brother Mzansi season 3, opened up about her pregnancy experience and the joys of becoming a mother for the second time. Just a few weeks earlier, she had excitedly announced the birth of her second son via an Instagram story. However, her journey leading up to that moment was far from easy.



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Reflecting on her first trimester, Mphowabadimo revealed that she had been plagued by sickness and a sense of isolation. It was a challenging and emotionally turbulent time for her. However, she found solace in the decision to move back home and be with her family. Additionally, she enlisted the help of a doula, who provided the essential support she needed during this period. “Coming home was the perfect thing because it made me focus on my pregnancy, it made me focus on my baby, and that is when I started to look at things differently,” she shared.

The stress she experienced during the initial stages of her pregnancy had Mphowabadimo concerned about the possibility of a premature birth. She admitted that there were numerous instances when she feared for her baby’s well-being. Thankfully, she was able to deliver her child safely, which filled her with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for life. Embracing motherhood, she remarked, “Every pregnancy has taken me on a journey of its own. And with this pregnancy, above everything else, I experienced a lot of growth. I went through so many things that shaped the woman you see today. Motherhood is priceless. I enjoy every moment.”

Despite having children from different fathers, Mphowabadimo is determined to provide a happy and nurturing environment for both of her sons. Rejecting the label of a “single mother,” she proudly identifies as a “boy mom” and strives to raise her children as a strong and content woman. She expressed her desire to ensure their happiness and well-being, emphasizing her commitment to being a positive influence in their lives.

Looking to the future, Mphowabadimo shared her aspirations for a post-pregnancy reward. Considering a Brazilian butt lift as a potential “mommy makeover,” she revealed that she doesn’t envision having the time or inclination for extensive workouts. Acknowledging her preference for a more immediate transformation, she stated, “I deserve a BBL. I didn’t gain much. I didn’t lose much weight, but why can’t I look like a dream?”