Congratulations to Patrick Seleka on his new milestone

Congratulations to Patrick Seleka on his new milestone 🥳The actor turned his character, Kat, into a reality, as he’s also on a quest to learn more about food on his new show, ‘The Cook Along’.


The actor Patrick Seleka, who is passionate about cooking and food like his Skeem Saam character Chef Katlgo Peterson shared on social media that he’s now host of Netflix’s The Cook Along show.
Taking to his Twitter account, an excited Seleka shared: “This is a story of how, I, Patrick SELEKA, a township kid with a passion for food goes on a quest to learn more about food. Turning my SKEEM SAAM storyline into a reality. This is the making of the ASPIRING CHEF SLK.”
The actor, whose bio on Instagram reads ‘inspiring chef’ has now turned his storyline into a reality as his new show is already streaming on Netflix.
Actor Patrick Seleka joined Skeem Saam 12 years ago as Katlego Peterson, who became a chef after graduating from Turf High.
Fans of the educational soapie are protective over his character, who hasn’t had an easy ride on the show.
From being dumped by his girlfriend and business partner Candice, to getting cheated on by his second girlfriend Pretty Seakamela.
Viewers were also outraged in 2022 when his friend Mapitsi robbed him out of getting credited for his cooking book with Candice.
Chef Katlego Peterson, who is the son of Charity Ramabu and Detective Peterson currently runs a restaurant with his ex-girlfriend.