SkeemSaam:Francois Got Himself In A Big Trouble After Lehasa Seen This

Lehasa needed to invest some energy with Francois in the wake of letting him know that Khwezi is missing not realizing that Khwezi really is concealing there with Francois. Lehasa believes Francois and he accepts that he won’t ever betray him like that.




Not long before Lehasa is going to leave. He hears Khwezi sniffling, presently the inquiry is, will he proceed to check. The storyline has been hauling for a really long time, and I realize that Lehasa won’t proceed to check what is happening.

How long will Khwezi stow away, she really wants to conceive an offspring at any point in the near future and how will Francois respond on the off chance that the child shows up at his place. Kgosi is the one to be faulted for all that is occurring. Lehasa needs a superior storyline since he is gifted and presently he has gone it to be a delicate fellow and nobody is terrified of him.

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