CiCi worldwide and Donald finally made it official and fans are left speechless it was obvious

Donald and CiCi fans have been wanting them to date because they look so perfect together but it seems as if they dream has come true because the two are showing signs that they are inlove. 

Rumours followed after Donald posted a picture of them together looking cute on Instagram which really had fans Curious on what’s really going on . He asked his fans to caption the picture followed by an emoji and heart . 

The comments are filled on the post he posted with her . People have been trying to figure what’s really going on . People are suggesting that they are lovebirds and I’m not really surprised because CiCi posted the same picture of them together looking cute together enjoying the moment they were having together.

Have a look at both of them on Instagram and you will see what I’m talking about it might just leave you speechless.

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