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Boity Gets Her Banging Body Back Clearly all the running has served its purpose.

Boity Thulo is ready to break the internet with her latest bikini images showcasing that her summer body is ready.

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The “Own Your Throne” personality is clearly showcasing the this is her week of wins when you consider the work the good sis has put in this past week. First, she was on the promotional campaign for her newly launched “Boity Pink Sapphire” Eau de Parfum. Boity slowly worked on quieting the matter of “Roach Gate,” and put her focus at endorsing the perfume.

The move proved to be a good on considering her apology that fell flat. Ahead of the official launch of the fragrance, Boity had taken to social media to announce that pre-order sales for the perfume had sold out. The exact amount was 1 000 perfumes of Boity’s signature scent had already started to be delivered to their owners that were going to smell like her.

To celebrate the official launch of the perfume, Boity host an exclusive launch on rooftop. The launch was filled with all our faves and revealed surprising friendship too. Included on the guest list was the expected like Somizi, Maps Maponyane, Thickleeyonce, Sarah Langa, Khaya Dlanga. Then was the surprise of personalities like Moozlie, Pearl Thusi and Jessica Nkosi, who was attending her first outing since the lockdown begun!

The addition of the awesome-foursome that was missing their last member, DJ Zinhle, was surprising considering Boity’s close relationship with Bonang Matheba. That is probably why the Queen B* opted to sit this one out and spend time at home sipping on her own MCC brand, House of BNG.Imade credit: Supplied
But Boity closed the week of wins with a last blow which is meant to break the internet. Boity posted a series of images showcasing how she has lost all the undesirable weight she wanted to lose. The images reveal that as much as she had wanted to lose weight, Boity has fully embraced her womanly body and is proud of it. Her caption also made sure that you know that she is feeling herself as much as people think she is.

Nasty C Has The Last Word On Speedsta Twar Guess, it’s not over until the Zulu Man sings?

Nasty C took his time coming up with a reply to Speedsta’s drag, but when he did, he came with a clap back that tweeps have stated they detect no lies in the tweet. Ouch!

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So a quick catch-up before we get into the story. Nasty C and Speedsta have a long history filled with Twitter subs and what many have suggested was a few caps from Speedsta’s shelf.

The feud actually started when Speedsta suggested that Nasty C “stole” his song when the real story was that Nasty gave Speedy a song that he eventually wanted back because it was not being used. Sppedsta caught feelings and that was when he bought the first “cap” and sold it as the truth in public. Since then the two have lived on road “ku-tense” and corner “ku-tricky.”

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So when Speedsta attempted to rehash the feud, possibly to trend before his appearance at what used to be the biggest music show on the land, Nasty C let it be known that he was not the one. Well, only until the former number 1 music show was over at least because Nasty C returned to the Twitter streets when many thought the twar was over to deliver two last tweets on the matter. He basically said that it is not over until the “Zulu Man With Some Power” sings, or raps.

The first tweet was a direct drag directed at Speedy, or following the tweet we should say “Slowly?” Nasty C echoed the comments of many tweeps with his drag by questioning why Speedsta has opted for a name derived from speed when his music career stays on the park. Many tweeps highlighted that the hip-hop DJ has not released a hit in four years and recent tracks have been lukewarm. Or he could be following Scoop Makhathini’s advice from the “Popcast” and giving the young one a chance before he comes with the fire.The second tweet from Nasty C was suggesting that there was a difference between their tax brackets, despite Speedsta being slightly older. Nasty C referenced the tweet when Speedsta called him a little boy and reminded him that when it comes to acclaim and the bag he is clearly leading. Tweeps seemed to feel some kind of way with the tweet, which maybe Speedsta can use a clap back?

Somizi: “Am I Using Your SASSA Grant Money” He responds to questions on why he buys Mohale expensive gifts

Somizi Mhlongo always spoils hubby, Mohale Motaung and is unapologetic about it. He delivered a stinging clapback when a troll questioned his generosity towards his husband.

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Mohale was accused by tweeps of never spoiling his husband, or rather the lack of affection which should come from him, calling Somgaga a ‘one-sided lover.’ his assumption came after Mohale posted a picture of a Gucci bag, alongside the caption: “Gifts from hubby. Thank you, bae.”

Wondering if Somhale spoils his bae, a troll asked, “Kant wena when are u gifting somizi??? Dude is always gifting u,” Notorious for putting trolls in their place, Somgaga gave a stinging hot clap back as expected, “kunani am I using yo sasa grant…..until I do stop asking stupid questions.”This is the second time the couple has been scrutinized for their lavish spending. It was Somizi’s mother, Mary Twala’s, farewell when he surprised Mohale for his 25th birthday. He bought her a diamond ring and earned himself some criticism from people.

“It’s my husband’s birthday today and also my mother’s farewell. We laid my mother to rest, and I didn’t know what to do, how to present this. I decided to carry on and got him this,” he said in the video.

Recently Somizi had to fight off trolls who question why he and bae never show any affection in their pictures. A follower said the couple look more like friends than lovers. The post sparked many comments which questioned why they are never seen holding and kissing each other, with some claiming that their lack of public affection was rather odd for a couple who are supposedly in love.

Somizi sarcastically responded back to a tweep who stated, “I never see you two kissing each other”, with, “We don’t kiss…lol…I don’t kiss guys.” Tweeps found Somizi’s response hilarious and praised him for responding with a joke, rather than lashing out at the follower.

The happily married couple appear on each other’s socials more often, keeping the posts casual and romantic. Despite the public’s cause for concern due to their lack of affection, Somizi and Mohale are as happy as can be and are doing this marriage thing very well, with fans labelling them as goals!

Somizi: “It Will End In Tears…Of Joy” Somizi defends LKG from trolls as she jets off with lover

Lerato Kganyago is leaving her haters dizzy because of her latest Instagram posts which show the star jetting off to a secret location on a holiday with her lover Thami Ndlala.

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In a series of pictures and videos on her IG story, Lerato can be seen sipping some champagne, and boarding a private jet and receiving the 5-star treatment with her fiance or (husband.) She hid Thami’s face however her followers already know who her date is as she got engaged, again, on her birthday.

Keeping her followers guessing though, she captioned her post “Here is to a great weekend ahead….Just the two of us.”

Her comments section is filled with people wishing her well on her weekend getaway with some spewing a little bit of jealousy and her friend Somizi Mhlongo came to her defense.

A troll commented “It will end in tears,” and Somgaga commented with, “…of joy.”

Here are some of the snaps she shared:Screenshot of Lerato Kganyago’s IG story

Lerato promised that she will keep dribbling people until they learn to mind their own business. This after rumours that she and Thami never split.

On her birthday, she got a surprise like no other. She was working from home and as she made her way to the bottom, she was greeted with stairs full of her personality traits, and the question was popped: “will you marry me, again?” fueling rumours that she is back together with her ex-husband.

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After announcing that she and her now-fiance Thami had split on social media, many could only speculate trying to figure out what went wrong. LKG did not divulge many details about their split but cited that their different priorities and workloads did not afford them with the time to invest in their relationship.

There were many reports claiming that Thami is a fraudster and that he does not own any assets.

These also include that the two were married in community of property, Thami allegedly defrauded numerous retired people of their investments, claiming he would make a lot of money for them through his forex trading company.

It was also alleged that Thami had lied about owning a house in one of the wealthiest suburbs in Johannesburg Sandhurst and Hyde Park. As if that was enough, Thami allegedly fathered 3 children and, Lerato was not aware of this but only found out recently.

The drama that ensued three months ago seems to not be a factor anymore as Lerato looks happy and content.

Actress Nonhle Thema joins #GomoraMzansi

Nonhle ThemaFormer Zabalaza star Nonhle Thema is set to return to the entertainment industry after retiring in 2016. She will be returning as an actress on Mzansi Magic’s Gomora.Gomora viewers should expect to see Cleopatra Mofokeng, played by Nonhle in the coming episodes as announced by the channel. Cleopatra is a 30-year-old, skilful, untrustworthy and manipulative con-artist from Gauteng, who was poverty-stricken growing up. Her mother worked as a domestic worker and her father worked as a gardener.

She and her siblings lived in an RDP house which Cleo inherited. This caused her and her siblings to fight amongst each other as they never understood why she inherited the house.

Using her beauty as her weapon to scheme men, she also tricks people into joining her pyramid schemes then later stealing their money.

This is Nonhle Thema’s newest acting gig in a very long time. She has been known as the ‘It Girl’ in entertainment however her shine started to fade away as she slowly ‘disappeared’ and was not involved in any major gigs. Noticing her irrelevance and lack of stardom, Nonhle retired in the year 2016 and moved onto another career in real estate.

Nonhle ThemaNonhle Thema