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How will the Dikana’s get out of this?

A storm seem to have erupted in the Dikana house hold due to their son being arrested.Lindiwe always makes sure that she protects her family and her business.First it was Nomonde choosing Mabutho over her family as if that wasn’t enough now it’s Andile’s saga.

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Lindiwe has her own way of sorting out her problems together with Zolani will they be able to use their ways in this matter?Zweli is also involved and he seems to be leading the Dikana’s and he does things via the book and law how will the Dikana’s get Andile out of this mess?

Whilst on Twitter The River fans are happy to see Lindiwe and Zolani in action after some time now.But the main question is that will they be able to use their own tricks in this matter as Zweli is involved? Will Lindiwe be able to unleash her Madlabantu side?

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The Dikana’s are in trouble as Andile can’t remember what happened.

Do you think this was some plot of revenge for Lindiwe as she has a lot of enemies?Or Andile was at the wrong place and the wrong time?

Siyasanga Papu left fans dumbstruck with her recent pictures looking incredible.

Siyasanga Catharine Papu is diagnosed as South African actress who’s first-rate recognized for portraying the position of Pretty Molefe in Gomora telenovela drama collection on Mzansi Magic weekdays. She is clever and unbiased lady who values her lifestyles and she is proficient and successful. She has a vivid destiny in advance of her and she is operating very difficult to gain her dreams.






She is a real definition of brains and splendor and she has a feel of humour. She is one of the maximum cherished actors in Mzansi and she is doing superb work. She has been withinside the enjoyment enterprise for pretty a while now.

She has made a call for herself withinside the enterprise via her appearing capabilities and she is sensational and extra special female. On her current submit on social media account she left lovers surprised together along with her latest pics searching beautiful and adorable. Please comment, like, click on and kindly share.

Mzansi Did Not Expect This From Luyanda Potwana

The famous television presenter took it to share to social media that he’s going back to school, Luyanda Potwana is a very well known person because of the job he’s been doing on a show called Nyan’Nyan’ after a period of 20 year’s since, completing his matric he’s going back to school in order to study a degree in Psychology.

But he’s going to attend the school in London, one of the best University in the world… He also added further by saying if there’s a man to pray, surely there’s a God to answer his prayers a lot of people have a desire to go back to school but they think, they’re too old to go back.

Not for Luyanda Potwana he’s chasing his dreams, he believes that dreams delayed are not dreams denied. He’s an inspiration on and off the television he continues to lead by example he’s a very good role model to society

Do You Still Remember Her? Try Not To Cry When You Find Out Why She Looks Like This Now

Max and Sophie’s love seemed like something out of a fairy tale.

Max Lichaba, a businessman, and Sophie Ndaba, an actress, radio personality, and mother, appeared to be a match made in heaven. That is until last year’s rumors of a divorce appeared.

Sophie has already taken off her ring and taken down all of Max’s photos from her social media accounts.

Sophie’s kid has recently published My Step Dad Is A Devil, a hip-hop diss track devoted to Max.

Lwandle “Ocean L” Ndaba accuses Max of cheating and abuse in the lyrics.

“You all deserve to know the truth about this man. My stepfather is a devil, he takes, and he breaks. He hurts and he fakes, everything that he makes.”

Max was allegedly violently abusive to his mother, according to Lwandle.

He said that his stepfather left his wife injured all over her body and that he would never forget the day his stepfather struck his mother because he cheated with a girl who was old enough to be his daughter. He also stated that he is trying to be like R. Kelly.

He holds Max responsible for Sophie’s depression.

“I always thought that you were the one to protect us, instead you always pulled up and stressed us. You are the reason mama fell into depression, you used her for her fame and her money. Let me tell you, Sophie makes more money in a week than your baby mamas put together.”

When the relationship ended, Lwandle claims Max left his mother with nothing.





“You got it all and left us with nothing. We had to start from scratch. I can’t believe my mama is in this position.”

He ends the songs by expressing his dissatisfaction with men’s gender-based violence.

“I’m tired of seeing women suffer because of a man’s doings, that is why I will speak up. It’s not right. The new king of the men are trash era goes to Max Lichaba. The guy with the fat belly.”

What are your thoughts on this matter, do you think Gender Based Violence (GBV) is handled with care or we still have a long way to go?, let us know on the comment section below.

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“Most comfortable soul to rest my soul onto” | Legendary Actor Sello Maake Pays Tribute To His Wife

It is always important to celebrate our loved ones, especially at the current moment as we are living through a global pandemic, and it seems like everyday people are posting messages on social media paying tribute and sending their condolences after someone new passed away, and unfortunately it seems like we only celebrate and appreciate people after they have passed away.




Which is why legendary South African actor Sello Maake KaNcube took the opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to the person he loves while she is still alive, Sello KaNcube took to his official Twitter account to post a nice picture of himself and his beautiful wife, and also wrote a short special message expressing his appreciation for her.

“Most comfortable soul to rest my soul onto, She is not perfect but she is perfect for me..” – He wrote.

Life is short, and tomorrow is not promised, so it is very important for all of us to make sure that we celebrate the people we love while they are still alive, instead of waiting to send messages of tribute when they pass away.