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” Do Not Get Divorced ” || Minnie Dlamini Tells Why She Misses Being Married

Award-winning TV host Minnie Dlamini made a post on Instagram that has sparked widespread discussion. She has successfully combined her roles as a TV host and businesswoman in South Africa. She is a female celebrity who has widespread adulation around the world. There are many who know her as the woman who can never get it right when it comes to her outfits, and who is always leaving others wanting more. Over the course of her lengthy career in the media and entertainment sector, she has garnered widespread adulation from fans and critics alike.

Earlier this year, the media star ended her marriage to Quinton Jones, the father of her child. After four years of marriage and one son, the couple decided to separate. It came as a surprise to everyone when they announced their separation. Because of the obvious affection they shared, marriage came to be seen as something anybody might achieve. They helped many skeptics of romantic love find happiness.



What may have been a happy ending did not turn out that way. Of course, like any other marriage, they had their share of difficulties, as both of them admitted. They attempted to work things out, but failed. For this reason, they decided to end their relationship. They’ve made it clear that they don’t want the divorce to come between them and their son, and that being good parents is their first priority. Social media user Minnie Dlamini expressed her longing for her marriage.

When something you’re used to suddenly disappears, it might be hard to adjust. She longs for the days when she could once again cuddle up in bed with her husband. Do not seek a divorce; here I am, alone and in need. She concluded her remarks by displaying coldness emoticons. She presumably had a lot of fond memories of her time spent with her ex-husband, and it can be difficult to readjust to life without a significant other. The audience was taken aback when she casually joked about being divorced. The world generally accepts this as a form of healing.

RIP : UKhozi FM newsreader Sicelo Mbokazi will be laid to rest today the 18th of June 2022.

Today the legendary of UKhozi FM newsreader Sicelo Mbokazi will be laid to rest today the 18th of June 2022.

The news of passing Scelo was too sad to many people in the broadcasting industry and to his fans. He’s death came as a shock to many people who likes him through radio and face to face.

Scelo was one of the old employees from the radio station, when they makes jokes on radio they use to call him the ancestor of the radio station.

Scelo was born on the 29th of October 1968 and sadly passed away on the 10th of June 2022.

The newsreader will be laid to rest today, in his home town in the northern part of the province of KwaZulu Natal ( Mandeni ).

We are sending our condolences to the family and friends of the broadcaster.

Durban Gen star Nelisiwe Sibiya made an enchanting fashion statement in a stunning outfit

She is a one of a kind taste in fashion that is unique and highly sophisticated.





Nelisiwe is a fashionista , she dresses for the occasion and her sense of style is adorably opulent .

Her fashion sense is one of the things that attributes towards her formidable social media following on platforms like Instagram.

She is a multi award winning actress , singer , choreographer , fashion influencer , brand endoser and business woman.

She refers to herself as a ‘cultural advocate’ and she is indeed proud of her culture as she enjoys displaying elements of her heritage in her fashion.

In her recent Instagram post dressed in red and black looking steamy , Nelisiwe rocked a red top , black leather pants and an adorable pair of high heels .

She made a dazzling fashion statement with the stunningly adorable look .

Ntsiki Mazwai Comes For Black Coffee Over Drake Album?

The thing can be said about Ntsiki Mazwai and her adversarial relationship with additional conspicuous media characters that have not been said previously? Nothing. In any case, it appears that the artist, extremist and Twitter character is winning in her own path and needs credit for that. Mazwai appears to experience difficulty doing likewise for other historic neighbourhood media characters. This is like most of late, Mamiya utilized her tweets to project a foreboding shadow over the celebratory snapshot of Black Coffee creating Drake’s Honestly Nevermind.





How has Ntsiki Mazwai been winning as of late?

Ntsiki Mazwai lately has been winning in her own path. A reality which was not completely celebrated in light of the fact that she, at the end of the day, has an issue praising others. First, she uncovered that she is set to have the impending Kwaito and House Music Awards. Unexpectedly, during the designation party Mazwai captured herself with Zola 7, a man she is constantly prodded to have a keen interest in.

Another celebratory second was the star uncovering that she has begun her own establishment, the Ntsiki Mazwai Foundation. Mazwai uncovered the honourable goal of the establishment by composing, “The establishment that represents assault casualties and GBV activists… Bank account subtleties will before long be accessible as far as we’re concerned to give monetary muscle to those being choked and persecuted.”

Ntsiki Mazwai comes for Black Coffee over Drake collection?

Black Coffee on Friday, 17 June 2022, was the toast of South African media when Canadian-conceived worldwide hotshot Drake delivered his unexpected collection Honestly, Nevermind. A collection which stunned the world thinking that it comes nine months after he delivered his last 21-track studio collection Certified Lover Boy in September 2021.

While South Ah was more worried about the way that Drake could have delivered the collection to dazzle his South African crush Uncle Waffles.

It appears to be that Mazwai was investing the energy attempting to track down ways of ruining why Black Coffee, a new Grammy victor, doesn’t merit the credit that necessities to come to him for leader creating the collection. An award that Black Coffee didn’t just share alone, yet with other African performers and makers. This incorporates his child, Esona, and acclaimed Congolese artist musician and maker TRESOR.

Mazwai appeared to be expected to not zero in on these positive angles. In any case, chose to incline more towards spitting Black Coffee with what can be best depicted as her paranoid fears. Awakening at 07:00, Mazwai picked her number one sort of breakfast, viciousness, by proposing that Black Coffee was the “Pick Me” Black individual by White Monopoly Capital (WMC) which they put resources into solely.

Her tweet implied that there is something else “dark DJs” who ought to have similar open doors as Black Coffee in light of the fact that, as per Mazwai, he didn’t really buckle down for it, yet was given by WMC. While we could be off-base, it appears to be that as consistently Mazwai was simply focusing on her connections and commitment on Twitter. In this manner, regurgitating unfactual tweets which will clearly make the Twitter roads draw in with her substance was her goal.

Pearl Thusi ex Robert Marawa celebrated Osama hitmaker Zakes Bantwini ‘s birthday in style

Osama hitmaker Zakes Bantwini ‘s birthday was a massive celebration and he was sorrounded by friends and family.

Speaking of friends , Robert Marawa sports journalist and televison presenter is a very close friend of Zakes.



Robert Marawa rocked a tuxedo looking dapper and well groomed as usual when it comes to looking dashing in a suit his reputation precedes him.

The same goes for Zakes Bantwini ,he is a gentleman who enjoys rocking suits in most of his music videos.

Alongside Robert Marawa and other show business gurus such as DJ Sbu and many others , Zakes had a blast at his birthday party and the prestigious theme of this event was impressive everyone was dressed in formal .

Robert and Zakes have a deep respect for one another and they are impeccable in their respective crafts .

Let us take a moment to also wish the muso Zakes Bantwini a happy birthday and we wish him more success .

Below are the comments for the birthday commemoration post by Robert Marawa .

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