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I took this pic with Makhadzi in 2010 and I knew she was going to be famous one day

Every celebrity has been at a point where they were at their lowest, for some this point comes when they have already achieved success while for some, it comes when they are still struggling to get their big break. I’m sure we can all agree that every one of us knows a celebrity who struggled a lot before they got successful.


Well, speaking of celebrities who struggled before they got successful, MaKhadzi is one of those celebrities.

If you do not know who Makhadzi is then here is a bit of her story. Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona more commonly known as Makhadzi is a South African singer and performer, who was born and raised in Ha-Mashaba in Limpopo. It has been said that she has been performing ever since she was just 13 years old, but only gained local success after she released her song titled “Tshanda Vhuya” back in 2017. 

Well, recently a man posted an image that he claims to have taken back in 2010, and in the picture, it is him and Makhadzi. The man also claims that he knew that Makhadzi was going to be famous one day, the title of the post reads:

“I took this pic with Makhadzi in 2010 and I knew she was going to be famous one day”

 I’m sure many of you are probably shocked that someone made such a bold claim. Well, he could be right about knowing that Makhadzi will be famous one day, and here is why Makhadzi has been performing ever since she was 13 years old and when someone shows such discipline and dedication to their craft they are bound to be successful.

Makhadzi’s success is overwhelming, although there are some people out there who are close to her and probably knew that she was going to be successful one day, I’m sure they probably never imagined that her success would come this far.

Well, Makhadzi shows us that no matter how long it may take for you to be successful you just need to be dedicated and stay disciplined in whatever it is that you do and success will surely come. Hard work, dedication, and discipline has been proven to work over and over again.

I just bought a car and my mom can’t stop crying

A guy recently left many people speechless after sharing how his mother reacted after he purchased a new car. He posted a picture of his mother’s reaction to the car with the caption “I just bought a car and my mom can’t stop crying.” See the post he made on Twitter down below.


People commented under his post and could not stop but congratulate him on his new car while others had other things to say. Buying a car is a huge achievement and leaves many parents proud. Someone could not stop but notice the uncut grass on the picture and commented under his post and said “She is crying because of that kruger national park, cut the grass she’ll stop crying. ” Another person commented and said “Nice car congrats but please don’t forget to insure your gearbox unless you have 35k cash.” See the other comments people left under the post down below.

Young lady takes her grandma on breakfast, ice cream date and on a shopping spree

A South African lady identified on Twitter as @____cand_y, has taken her grandmother out to pamper her with the good things of life which she deserves.

The pretty young woman and her 82-year-old grandma went on a breakfast date, after which they both got ice cream.









She shared photos from the outing which also involved a shopping spree at a boutique, where she the elderly woman got clothes and shoes.

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According to the granddaughter, she decided to be taking the granny out to celebrate her for raising her dad, and they relive the experience as frequently as they get a chance to do so.

”Had a breakfast, shopping and ice cream date with my grandmother today.

Thank you so much guys for the love. We do this every chance we get. She raised me one man and I appreciate her so much.. now it’s my turn to take care of her,” the young lady wrote.

You last saw your daughter last year’ Zoe Mthiyane blasted by Lebo M’s wife for being a deadbeat mom

South African actress Zoe Mthiyane opened up while chatting with Sunday world about co-parenting with her two baby daddies. While she sang praises for Robert Marawa, the actress also revealed that with Lebo M, it was a nightmare. Lebo’s wife, Pretty Samuels, has finally broken her silence over the matter and blasted Zoe Mthiyane, calling her a liar and a deadbeat mom. She detailed how she has to take care of Zoe’s daughter while the actress has not spent time with her in over a year.


Zoe Mthiyane and Lebo M’s relationship
The two had a public relationship several years back as they are both in the spotlight, but their breakup was messy. Zoe, an actress on Generations The Legacy and Lebo, the producer of The Lion King, broke off their engagement in a very public altercation. This was after Lebo aired their dirty laundry in public, and Zoe was angry as she was a private person who wanted to deal with issues in private. The two share a seven-year-old daughter Zoe claimed they share custody of, and Lebo has been difficult to co-parent with. The stress Zoe claims Lebo puts her through has led her to seek intensive therapy as it took a mental toll on her.

Zoe Mthiyane and her kids
Zoe Mthiyane and her kids-Image Source (Instagram/ZoeMthiyane)

In an interview, Zoe revealed that her co-parenting arrangement with Robert Marawa was smooth and that they did not face many problems. The actress has a son with Robert, and she sings his praises, saying he makes sure his son is taken care of. This is the opposite of what she said about Lebo M.

Pretty Samuels-Morake calls out Zoe Mthiyane as a liar and deadbeat mom
Pretty Samuels statement
Pretty Samuels statement-Image Source (Twitter/MusaKhawula)
Lebo M’s current wife, Pretty, had several things to say about Zoe’s public allegations against her husband. She stated they are not co-parenting with Zoe as she is never there. The child’s primary residence is with Lebo, and his wife and Zoe last spent time with her daughter on Mother’s day in 2021. She further says that when she tries to reach out to Zoe to talk about the child, she becomes rude and turns down Pretty’s efforts. Pretty says she has been quiet because she does not like to talk about her private life publicly. However, she could no longer keep quiet as her children were dragged into the mess all over social media.

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Somizi Mhlongo accused of being jealous of co- judge Thembi Seete, reasons revealed

Thembi Seete and Somizi Mhlongo: Image source @Instagram

Idols SA is a talent search competition, but its judges are slowly turning it into a fashion show. In the latest episode, all the judges were dressed to kill. JR Bogopa was wearing normal smart casual while Thembi Seete was slaying in an all-gold outfit, and she looked gorgeous. On the other hand, Somgaga was rocking a Nigerian costume with a vast gold neckless capped by long braided hair with his name on it.





ProVerb complimented all the judges for their excellent fashion sense, but his main focus was on Thembi. ProVerb said:

Sis Tay the vibe am getting from u is Queen, Royalty and Gold.

The compliments of ProVerb to Thembi would not have sat well with Somizi. As a result, Somizi was looking at Thembi with a talking eye leaving Mzansi convinced that he was jealous of Sis Tay.