Boity Publicly Gave Jessica Nkosi A Cold Shoulder And Ignored Her After Jess Showed Her Love

The next victim of public embarrassment was our favourite Jessica Nkosi. One thing about these female celebrities they will embarass you and when they do, they will make sure that they do it publicly for people to see. What is shocking also is the fact that they do it to other female celebrities not to males, are they beefing or what?

Showing love to someone else is always an honorable thing especially when you do not have even anything to gain from it. But it is really tricky when you come through for someone and they just tear you otherwise and they show zero appreciation

Boity posted a very beautiful picture on Instagram, one thing about boity she will serve you the content you deserve. Jessica Nkosi was then gushing over the picture that Boity posted, she did all this on Instagram with many love emojis and guess what Boity did? Or what its what she did not do, Boity did not even reply with a single emoji to Jessica, she just left it as if she didn’t see it. Zero appreciation if you ask me