Azwindini Informs The Family That Gugu Is Here To Stay But See What’s Going To Happen To Gugu

There has been many more than one show at the regal house . The second we as a whole suspected was carrying fervor to our appearances just disappeared very much like that in our countenances.







Azwindini was assume to have looked into his promises with Susan. Upon the arrival of their gathering, Azwindinis child displayed at their wedding with a weapon let his dad know how indecent he was after he had gotten his dad and Gugu in bed. The wedding didn’t go on and for that Tenda got captured on exactly the same day .

Tenda and Moiponi had concurred that kenosi will be with Tenda and Mpho yet she altered her perspective and got him captured. A day after he was delivered, he got seized by obscure individual . Till today , Tenda is as yet grabbed by “Holy messenger of equity and everybody is extending their heads attempting to think who that individual may be . Tenda has harmed such countless individuals and as of now it is extremely precarious to observe the individual who might have needed him pay for his wrongdoings .

There has been not many names that surfaced and the Viewers accepts that it is James who is behind this . James has managed Tenda on a couple of agreements and he knows others he have harmed all the while . The proof this holy messenger of equity is frowning out shows that their individual is somebody who knows him and his transgressions . That must be James .

Then again not entirely set in stone to separate from Susan so he can Marry his first love Gugu. I for Susan teared up the legal documents that she was being presented with yesterday saying that Her dearest spouse should pay her for all the aggravation he have caused for her . She kept on saying that she likewise need the youngster she lost in light of his stupidity when comes to controlling his jeans.

Do you figure Susan will at long last surrender and give him the separation? If it’s not too much trouble, remark underneath .