American Rapper NBA Youngboy (23 Years) expecting his 11th child.

Holy birth control, Batman! I think our guy Eric Benét is right! Men are the ones that need birth control pills, because this part of it is not working! Anyway, I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer and chide someone like an old man, but I have to admit, these kids are different. I don’t have any kids and I am named illseed!!

Meanwhile, NBA YoungBoy was arrested just last night in East Baton Rouge! The rapper,related charges! So, weird! The AllHipHop news will get details, as this news is breaking. A felony possession, and stolen firearms charges, along with 16 other men.

By the way, the mug shot above is old, but too too not to post!

I almost forgot…YaYa is facing 99 years in jail for a stabbing. The woman she allegedly stabbed is one of NBA YoungBoy’s other baby moms. And, well they got into a fracas that went from room to room until somebody was shimmy shimmied, y’all. YaYa is looking at 99 long and a $10,000 fine.

In all of this, I wonder what the champ Floyd Mayweather things of this!

Congrats on the new baby!

I am not sure about congrats on the baby for her parents. But, only God can judge us!