DRAMA: Enhle Mbali sues Valentine Huni for exposing her affair with her husband

DRAMA: Enhle Mbali sues Valentine Huni for exposing her affair with her husbandThe woman replied, saying she always used protection. Huni said she was aware that the woman wanted to get married as her husband’s second wife. She said she would not agree because she abhorred polygamy. Mlotshwa, who separated from her husband DJ Black Coffee, did not confirm, or deny Huni’s claims, despite a flurry of calls from the public to take them into her confidence.




But in the order that she obtained, Mlotshwa admitted that she was indeed the woman Huni confronted in the audio.

The order, which has been leaked to SW by Huni’s close associate, reads in parts: “She has been calling me non-stop, texting me, and recording conversations without letting me know I was being recorded. She has posted our conversation on public social platforms which has caused much more harassment.

“It has gotten to a point where I have to stop her harassment (which) has led to public scrutiny and loss of work due to public perception. I would like the court to assist in granting me a harassment order. She has been harassing me since the beginning of December till January, and it will not stop. She has been sending me WhatsApp messages,” the order reads.

Mlotshwa asked the court to grant her the order as a matter of urgency as the harassment had had major implications on her safety and forced her career to a standstill due to her social standing in the country.

“The harassment is ongoing and has major implications with regards to my safety as well as my career being in at a standstill due to my public standing. She calls consistently without reason, also calls hurling insults, cursing at me. I would like for all this to be stopped.

“The harassment has cost me contracts where I am an ambassador to major brands and corporations within the republic and abroad. As such it is urgent to cease further damage to my reputation and brand,” reads the order.

The order, she said, should prohibit Huni from communicating with her directly and indirectly.

She also submitted to the court “evidence” that Huni was harassing her.

“Statement of me having an affair with her husband, screenshot of Valentine searching Instagram account. Recording of when she confronted me. Video she recorded browsing through my IG (Instagram) and a screen shot of calling me non-stop, texting,” read the papers.