Allegedly Metro FM Dj was borrowed a BMW X3 and he is refusing to bring it back

Metro FM Dj Mog had been borrowed a BMW X3 for his own use and he not use it not for his lifestyle but then for his other errands as well. He was asked to return the vehicle to its owner, but he would not even accept it. He was asked about it from a stage while he was playing at Disoufeng Soweto and it even involved the security team.




Mpho Madise is known as DJ @Mog-moments on social media and radio. The vehicle owner is Jabu Brown. He claims he has let Mpho Madise use the car, but now it is a problem since the Metro FM DJ does not want to bring it back. According to Jabu Brown, DJ Mog_Moments had given himself a self-entitlement of the vehicle simply because he did not want to return.

If he had returned the car, he would not have ended up very embarrassed and why would he lie about it that he did not have a car? Some people really don’t learn, and they are faking their lifestyle in such a way that is not healthy. Solphenduka from the Podcast and Chill with MacG was honest about his lifestyle and his use of Uber because he does not own a car.

He was not well-known and now that he is been revealed as a member of Metro FM radio, it is not good for either his reputation or Metro. Many famous people do not have cars, and they are not faking a lifestyle that they can’t even afford. Sometimes you can fake your lifestyle, but then you should be careful because it will catch up with you.