Chomane and Thuso Motaung ‘s SABC Bribery Scam Exposed

The former Lesedi fm radio dj Chomane Chomane and Thuso Motaung have in their act, after it was found they where taking bribery during their time at the radio station. Chomane Chomane unlawfully received royalties of gospel artist William Mthethwa for the past 30 years, while the artist remained in poverty.




The dj signed a contract with Dephon Record Company, owned by Phil Hollis to receive royalty percentage in an exchange to playing the artists ‘s music during their show. They pocketed upto 30% in royalties, where they claimed to be composers of songs of the artists over the past 30 years. This has cost the public broadcaster millions, as Dephon Record Company did not pay for the airplay.

This scamn and bribery was exposed by by poet and musician Mzwakhe Mbuli, and musician Tronix Madibe. The two musicians have already settled the matter with Chomane Chomane, who agreed to return all the money he received for the past 30 years. The agreement is said to have been reached at a meeting at the Southern African Music Rights Organisation’s (Samro’s) Joburg headquarters.

The next dj who must meet the two artists is Thuso Motaung. For now the issue involving Thuso Motaung, who also allegedly benefited from the bribery scheme, which defrauded the SABC of millions of rand has not been resolved. The matter is currently being investigated by the Hawks, while Samro auditors are busy with the auditing process to determine how much those royalties are (including my retirement funds).

South Africans may wonders, why many artists retired poor, but it’s clear someone was milking their hardwork. Unfortunately the public figures who where supposed to protect the right of artists, are the ones robbing them.