A teacher celebrated her 100 % pass rate in style.

A teacher named Nellie Miya had people constantly admiring her.This was after she revealed how she contributed to her high success rate at school. We all know that it is very difficult to concentrate on school work. Because teachers are not allowed to slap them a bit if they don’t follow the rules.

What made people so proud of this teacher she did such a great job is that she is the youngest teacher in her workplace 80% 9 A Business Administration Yami, I’m proud of her. We are aiming for 100% this year. ”

Twitter users flooded her section of comments, praising this teacher for a great job. Many were humbled to see a teacher who loved her work so much. “Congratulations Mamumiya, congratulations on your outstanding work,” wrote one Twitter user. “Keep it up,” another Twitter user wrote.