A 17 years old student obtained 7 distinctions and brand new TOYOTA See

17 years old student obtained 7 distinctions & brand new TOYOTA, full bursary, cash worth R50 000.

We encourage matric student to study hard so that they can be able to get good marks at the end of the year. It is very painful to get lower marks at the end of the year.

My advice to matric pupils is that they must study and those who did not make it mzst go back to school and try again.

Below are comment made by people.

Didn’t finish my matric failed grade 11 three time went to FET for NCV and I was always number 3 never failed a term or a year was doing my third year last year level 4 but I still wish I can see my self on paper of go to matric dance.

Congratulation to my student wish her a lot of good things in life, Phakama Elukwatini Highveld Secondary School.

Congratulations to Bathobile Nkambule for her excellent achievement you deserve the best & never look back the future is bright for you beautiful girl,South Africa is proud of you.

Congratulations to the star i wish all provinces in local municipalities can give these kind on incentives to the top achievers to encourange more kids to put more effort on their studies.