Latest Sweety Designer Abaya Designs

Abaya is the traditionally Muslim women attire that worn outdoor visiting. The trend of abaya is popular both eastern and western countries. Firstly women worn abaya as a hijab but now they used as a fashion.
There are various styles and designs of sweety abaya. There are Dubai style abaya collections for sweety fashion house. These abaya are draped over shoulder and full body covering. These abaya have more styles for stylish women.

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Sweety Designer Abaya Collection for 2017

Sweety is one of the popular fashion houses in UAE. Sweety abaya’s are more famous in whole world. There are many branches of this fashion house in gulf areas. Sweety abaya are popular in Saudi, Dubai and Middle East girls.

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collection of muslim swimwear 2017

Some of the backstage bustle is downright comical. Short Turkish women, carefully wrapped up in trench-coats and brightly-colored Muslim headscarves, struggle to help towering, leggy models from Slavic and Latin countries change in and out of outfits.

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top burqini Tutorial for 2017 styles

Burqini is a term used for Muslim swimming suit. It is a suit which you need to wear before swimming. It is a suit which covers your full body. Your hands, feet and face is uncovered. The rest of your body is covered with this suit. You need to wear burqini before swimming because it makes your body lighter and, helps you in swimming. Some countries have banned that you can not swim without wearing swimming suit. Burqini is the symbol of modesty as it covers your whole body. A company named as Ahiida designed this swimming suit.

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best hijab outfit street styles 2017

They cover their heads, wear loose or long shirts with jeans, and cover their feminine charm with tunics, blazers and top.  They fully know their traditions and never think to refuse them. You can get statement look without crossing the limits which perfectly blend with modern life-style. Hijab is elegant and prettiest piece wrapped in inviting style to enhance beauty and modesty at same time. It time to

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hijab lookbook ideas for 2017 styles

Wearing jumpsuit with continued cardigan is a abundant idea; a lot of hijabi girls get abashed about how to abrasion jumpsuit with hijab, but now we accept a lot of choices such as continued cardigans, continued blazer, or continued vests they are all will be great.

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top style hijab casual jeans 2017

all ladies are assured new breathable designs in ablaze colors; to accurate the airy affection of the new season. “Jupes and skirts” abundance is aloof lunched their adaptable accumulating in their abundance and as we can see the simple accidental styles in ablaze delicate colors.

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Casual Look With Hijab 2017

Wow, this is a actual beautiful attending for a accidental day out with your friends. A jean with the able fit is actual important.

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styles casual look with hijab 2017

different outfits to urge exciting look.Earlier we have a tendency to talked regarding trendy ways in which to wear hijab.This article is specifically for those ladies United Nations agency need to urge an elegant or very little funky look with hijab.The easiest and easy thanks to bring home the bacon that’s hijab fashion with jeans.That is why we have a tendency to bring these thirty cool concepts to vogue hijab with jeans.

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designer hijab styles for 2017 latest

Every religion has a morality, and the morality of Islam is Haya (Shyness)
Islam is the religion of peace and it teaches us a way of life. This is a religion which is a complete code of life that guides us in each and every field of our life. Hijab is an important aspect of life in Islam and cannot be ignored.
Hijab is not merely a piece of cloth on your head it depicts the sanctity of women. So let’s talk go back to our topic

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