Zuma’s last born baby boy is already rich, See one of the things that he owns.

In Mzansi, Nkanyiso conco, better known as LaConco, has become a modern name after joining the real wives of Durban and revealing that she’s the mother of the heir to the Msholodzi clan. However, she’s at it again, making headlines with another story.

He is well-known for being attracted to women, as we all know. So, it looks like he couldn’t resist the beauty of Laconco, so he got her pregnant and put a ring on her finger and then they had a child. Until last year, when Laconco said she was leaving, we didn’t know about it. She allegedly said that she was taking the future leader of the Msholodzi clan with her.





A lot of people in the Tea world say that Laconco joined the Real Wives of Durban to show that she isn’t reliant on Zuma’s money. She made news this weekend because she was trying to show that her baby boy is real Zuma and that being a real Zuma means money, which made the news.

Laconco posted a video of a kraal on Instagram. There were two cows on the kraal, and she said that those two cows belonged to her son. This is how you say that: In Mzansi, he’s one of the richest kids because he has two cows that are going to fill his kraal in the next few years.

Sakha is their father. I’m glad that my son likes animals, but sometimes I’m afraid when I see him in the Kraal.

At the age of one, Laconco’s son owns a Kraal. Is that normal? Not bad at all, isn’t it? Let us know what you think in the comment box.