Zoleka Mandela ‘starts again’ in new home: Here’s to a place I can finally call home

Zoleka Mandela has chosen to remember her daughter in a touching tribute on what would have been Zenani's 23rd birthday.Zoleka Mandela is ready to conquer once more.
Image: Instagram/Zoleka Mandela
Zoleka Mandela is ready to “start over” and recently moved into a new home this week with her kids.

The author and motivational speaker announced in March that she and her partner had split, saying it had taken her two years to leave a relationship, which she claims had eroded her self-esteem, independence, and her mental and emotional state.

Now that the nationwide lockdown has eased a little, people are able to move houses, and Zoleka took to Instagram to show off her new place.

She shared a quote from Richard Branson, reading: “Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.”

She said that it would be easier to give up, but she was determined to not allow failure to hold her back.

“Here’s to having strength to start over again, even at the age of 40. Here’s to having courage not to allow failure to hold me back, even when it’s always easier to give up!

“Here’s to a place, I can finally call my own!” she wrote.In her post announcing their split, Zoleka admitted that walking away from the relationship felt like it was “unhinging” her whole life, but it was necessary for self-discovery and inner peace.

“Leaving someone you once loved, for eight long years feels like it completely unhinges your entire life until you realise that it’s sparked self discovery, inner peace and has set you on a path of self love.”