Zodwa Wa Bantu is asking men to genuinely give their women money even when they didn’t ask


Suddenly Zodwa Wa Bantu is tired of hearing women who has men asking money from her so called boyfriend. So she is asking men not to hesitate on giving their ladies money as they are busy with other people’s boyfriend.

And such things cause tension in a relationship as most of the lady do not feel much comfortable when their boyfriends gives their female besties money. More especially when a lady doesn’t bother asking money from their boyfriend then another girl comes and ask money from him.

Zodwa Wa bantu is saying” Dear Men, please make it a habit of randomly giving your girlfriends money so that they don’t urgently ask for R1000 from our men. They are also broke.” Even when they are not broke it’s just awkward an ordinary man giving a woman such amount of money out of nowhere.

Some ladies would start getting suspicious when their man provide money for just any girl, it actually doesn’t make any sense.