Zodwa may be falling for Don again because she still in love with Don

Bongani has recently asked Zodwa to marry him which caught Zodwa off guard and she said yes because she wanted to make Don jealous. Zodwa and Don have a past and they have a son together who is Teddy.




Zodwa wishes that it was Don who proposed to her because she still loves him as he was his first love. Don has also tired by all means to scared Bongani away but it didn’t work out. Bonganinis going tonbe hurt learning that Zodwa still wants to be with Don out of all people.

In my opinion what Zodwa is doing it i very wrong. She is leading Bongani on and gives him empty promises and let’s not forget that Bonganinleft his wife for Zodwa. Zodwa is going to regret going back to Don because he is leaving the show soon, how is she going to face Bonganinin the eyes again.