Zodwa bantu finally going to School, did she realise that without education you are nothing?

Zodwa wabantu who is a famous dancer and a businesswoman has taken it to her Instagram page that she will be going to school. Zodwa wabantu has turned her life around by her famous dance moves which fans are always ready to see. Zodwa is not only a dancer but she also has some side hustles. Zodwa has started going to an acting school and it is making her fans wonder if she is now eying acting. That would be a good move for zodwa if she becomes successful in her career path. After posting first day at School her fans were so happy and congratulated her.fans are happy for her and hopefully she will soon be seen in msanzi’s soapies making new moves. What do you think of Zodwa’ s decision to take acting classes? Is it a wise one or she should have sticked to dancing? Please leave a comment below and express your opinion on this.