Zandile Msutwana (Vuyiswa)’s Age And Academic Qualifications Get Mzansi Talking

The Queen’s Vuyiswa, played by Zandlie Msutwana, is an academic intellectual with a degree to prove it. Her performance as Vuyiswa has been outstanding, and Mzansi has fallen in love with her, making them curious about her private life.

The beloved actress has several academic credentials to her name, including a degree. She is clearly not your typical actress based on how well she speaks English while acting. She exemplifies perseverance and has shown that she is more than just the attractive woman we see on our screens.


Zandile Msutwana was born on 6 July 1979 in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape. The actress, 43, was raised in the Eastern Cape. She was raised by parents who prioritized education over all other aspects of life. Zandile completed her high school diploma at a local secondary school in the Eastern Cape, where her teachers quickly realized that she had a gift for acting. She began playing the main characters in school plays, and she quickly rose to fame in her school.

Then Zandile took her final matric exams, which she passed with flying colors. After graduating from high school, Zandile’s parents wanted her to pursue a degree in education, but she preferred the entertainment industry. She was aware that acting was what she was meant to do and would bring her happiness. She had to explain to her parents why she wanted to become an actress, though.

She struggled to persuade her parents because they believed that acting was only for uncivilized individuals who had failed their matric. After convincing her parents for a few months, Zandile eventually received their approval to pursue a degree in speech and drama.

The actress we all love graduated from the University of Capetown with a degree in drama and speech. Her parents are proud of her because her degree has helped her succeed in her career.