Zamani Mbatha has not been fired from Isitha, The Enemy

Actor and influencer Zamani Mbatha joined the e-TV show Isitha, The Enemy in May this year. He plays the role of Khaya Sokhulu. This week, Zamani had been rumoured to be fired from the show. Black Brain Pictures, the makers of the show have since come forward to set the record straight.



The production company has dispelled the rumours that Zamani has been fired from the show, saying they were shocked to wake up to the news. Mandla Ngcongwane says, “The management team was surprised to wake up to the news about Mbatha’s alleged firing,’ he says. “Their focus has been on keeping fans of Isitha, The Enemy ,glued to the screens to watch all the twists and turns as they work full steam ahead to finish Season 1 with a bang.’ Mandla adds, “Zamani Mbatha has been an integral part of the show’s success and there is no truth to these rumours. He is still a part of the show.’ Mandla N went on to say that fans can expect more explosive drama, intrigue and surprises in Season 2. “We have a lot of juicy plot twists coming soon. Who knows maybe someone will come back from the dead? You just wait and see.’


According to a source, the production will be making some changes to the storyline and getting rid of some actors. “Zamani is still negotiating his contract. That is how the rumour came about. His fate has not yet been determined but he has not been fired,’ the insider says. “At the moment, he does not know where he stands, let us put it that way. It was a similar case when Smoke & Mirrors was in talks with Zolisa. At the moment, e-TV shows are all under scrutiny and some contracts will not be renewed.’ In the statement, Mandla N confirmed that some changes will be made in the production or cast and these “will be communicated as an official statement from the production house.’


Mpumelelo Nhlapo, who is Mandla N’s business partner and the Executive Producer at Black Brain Pictures, says the production house has done nothing but celebrate the show’s success. “We are excited to have reached record ARs and record numbers of viewers with the show and we look forward to building on that with Season 2.’

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DEC 09
Zamani Mbatha has not been fired from Isitha, The Enemy