You remember Samuel and Sharon from Generations? – Here’s where they are now

Mzansi actor Thabiso Mokhethi relived the glory days of his Generations days on Wednesday 1 February by sharing a throwback picture of him with actress Kagiso Rakosa who played Sharon In the SABC1 soap opera.





Thabiso Mokhethi made his television debut in 2005 when he landed the role of Samuel Khumalo, brother to the infamous Ntombi (played by Sonia Mbele).

The role catapulted his acting career to even more astounding heights. The show showed Samuel and Sharon (played by Kagiso Rakosa) going through ups and downs before finding love and showing us one of the finest traditional weddings ever seen on TV.

The duo was arguably one of Mzansi’s favorite on-screen couples and they stole the hearts of many with their romance. Their romance made viewers swoon, melt, and feel all the feels.

To date, Mzansi has not forgotten about their characters proving that their connection was infectious and they will forever be memorable.

Thabiso reckoned that they were the all-time favorite on-screen couples. “Mara truth be told guys…girl and I really made magic playing these characters… I loved playing Samuel Khumalo on Generations Kagiso as Sharon was one of the best on-screen lovers I’ve had the pleasure to play alongside. It was lit every day on set,” he wrote.