“You have 2 IDs” Lerato Kganyago hits back at celebrity blogger Musa Khawula, reveals his secrets

Musa Khawula”/>Muhammad Khawula I am not the culprit. Lerato Kganyago, a DJ and radio host, lit up Twitter with his fiery rhetoric. Musa Khawula, a celebrity news blogger, was the target of her attacks as he spoke highly about her first. The way she stood her ground shocked Mzansi. She typically responds to trolls, but this was on a whole other level. Lerato shot Musa so frequently that Twitter trembled.




The media personality claimed that Musa Khawula had overstepped his bounds this time. He went beyond the bounds. Lerato tagged him in a Twitter thread she started to air her grievances. Bloggers can criticize Lerato but they shouldn’t treat her disrespectfully, she said.

Lerato claimed that she had enabled Musa to get away with the persistent criticism that he had given her years earlier. Lerato claims that his ongoing criticism has existed for a long time. Additionally, Lerato made an interesting claim or revelation. She claimed to completely understand who ordered Musa to tweet derogatory things about her.

The Metro FM host claims Musa is conspiring with specific journalists to damage her reputation, make her appear unimpressive, and undermine her trustworthiness.

Lerato KganyagoLerato Kganyago: Image source @Instagram
Lerato brought the files.

Lerato spoke to Musa Khawula as a criminal to him. She didn’t just say that; the media personality also mentioned the charges. Lerato claims that Musa has been in legal issues since 2013. She claims that Musa has been charged with numerous major offenses, including robbery and drug trafficking.

Lerato continued by branding Musa a forger of identification papers. Musa has two different ID numbers on two different identity documents. She told him his two ID numbers wouldn’t be able to conceal who he was when he was discovered. Lerato appears to have extensive knowledge of the celebrity news blogger.
Is Musa Khawula a real criminal?

In reality, Musa has reportedly faced numerous charges of being a criminal. His accusers are vicious and constantly busy. A sister of Musa’s deceased friend posted a chat between herself and Musa a few months back. Musa was outlining the circumstances that resulted in her sibling’s passing. The sister claims that Musa is the murderer.

Musa Khawula is reported to be a criminal. Image: Twitter/Musa KhawulaMusa Khawula is reported to be a criminal. Image: Twitter/Musa Khawula

Musa was tweeting a lot about Mihlali at the same time. Mihlali, according to Musa, is a gold digger who uses wealthy men to acquire wealth and career milestones. Mihlali advised him to focus on his upcoming murder trial rather than Mihlali’s way of life.
More exposure and threats from Lerato

Lerato even disclosed Musa’s location. She claimed that he resides in KwaZulu Natal. Even worse, he has nowhere to stay. Lerato said that he tweets all of this from the back room of his grandmother’s house. Who would have guessed? Lerato got a response from Musa, who didn’t dispute any of these claims.

Lerato went on to say that she would expose Musa and any journalist who was lying to him about other people. Lerato reiterated that she doesn’t annoy anyone as she concluded her warning. If someone wishes to comment about her, it should not be disrespectful.

Musa Khawula did not submit, as usual. Instead, he persisted in referring to Lerato Kganyago as a less serious Bonang Matheba.