“You are getting more and more beautiful” Unathi told her best friend Minnie Dlamini.

Unathi and Minnie Dlamini Jones have been friends for a very long time and as friends they have stood by each through thick and thick no matter the situation. The two celebrated celebrities are just one of the best in the industry and their friendship is absolutely amazing and a lot of people love to see them together.

It has been quite some time since Minnie Dlamini shared some of her most beautiful posts on social media and her fans have also been wondering why she hasn’t been sharing anything with them on Instagram. This talented presenter and actress is recognized for her incredible beauty and good looks as well.

She currently shared a very dazzling picture of herself on social media and she composed it: “Pretty in pink, but not as innocent as you think 😉”. Her Bestie Unathi commented on her post by telling her that she is getting more and more beautiful in every phase of her life. Doesn’t she look incredibly beautiful? Share your opinions, like and kindly share.