Wicknell Chivayo is being exposed and trending for his lavishing lifestyle

Wicknell Chivayo has been posting on social media about his lavish lifestyle. He is known as a businessman and a socialist. But then it was not known that he is allegedly involved in criminal activities, as seen and alleged in the media. He posted a picture of two flight tickets with his name on them. But the details on those tickets are not the same, and the date is the one that makes it hard to correspond.

He was surprised about it and had to wonder what was happening. From the media, you can obtain all the information about him and learn what he has been up to. It is highly profiled information to circulate, but if it is put on the media, can are sharing information about what you know. There is a picture where he is allegedly linked to MacMillan, which is about smuggling gold and cigarettes.

Al Jazeera has brought the information from its investigation, and it is very alarming. It seems like when you are doing something illegal, it will somehow find its way into the public domain because you will make a mistake that will make your business public. You can imagine his lifestyle and the influence he had on the Zimbabwean people

When you are financially successful, there will be a lot of people who will look up to you, and it comes from having to learn how you get to that level. What message does it sent to the entire nation of the country if some of them will want to become successful like them. Should they consider participating into criminal activities to become successful and post about their lavishing lifestyle on the social networks.





“Wicknell Chivayo Is a Zimbabwean businessman who rose to prominence after winning large Zimbabwean government contracts.[2] It was reported that the then Energy and Power Development Minister of Zimbabwe Samuel Undenge pressured the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) to pay Chivayo’s company called Intratek Zimbabwe $5 million despite the absence of a bank guarantee.”