Why Skeem Saam’s Lehasa is determined to stay with Pretty

Skeem Saam’s fan-most loved couple Lehasa (Cedric Fourie) and Pretty will battle to remain together from the finish of June all through July, even after Khwezi found on Friday (24 June) that she’s pregnant with his child.





The Skeem Saam TVSA June and July mysteries show that Lehasa not set in stone to remain with Pretty, the lady he genuinely adores in spite of figuring out that Khwezi is conveying his child.

We realize that Pretty will be compelled to return, when she gets let out of prison and that her family will throw her out when they figure out she’s back along with Lehasa.

Group #PreHasa ought to realize that this is only the start of what’s to come as Khwezi will play filthy to demonstrate to him that they have a place together.

However, her activities will just drive him into Pretty’s arms in light of the fact that Pretty helps Lehasa to remember his late spouse who passed on from disease.

He could draw in ladies who are bad guys like him however he needs a delicate and cherishing spouse when he returns home‚Ķ Pretty is Lehasa’s home!

Lehasa acknowledged he would rather not wed Khwezi out of commitment to keep her nearby and calm since she knows his mysteries… insider facts that could land him in jail.

She realizes that he killed Fanie, took business thoughts from Sonti, hijacked individuals, and so on.

The main way Lehasa can be liberated from Khwezi, is assuming he kills her, very much like her companions from the medical clinic.

Pretty probably won’t have the option to deal with reality once she figures out she’s enamored with a beast.

It shows up, the main individual who can end #PreHasa this season is Pretty on the grounds that he has an excessive lot to lose and realizes she merits better compared to him.MORE ‘SKEEM SAAM’ SPOILERS

Mantuli and Meikie will rejoin this month when Pretty shacks up the Maputlas and when she won’t see her family on Tuesday, 28 June.

The TVSA Monday 4 July mystery peruses:

“The report about Lehasa Maphosa has MaNtuli’s heart misbehaving once more. Meikie out of the blue loans some assistance.”

The Friday 8 July mystery peruses:

“Lehasa tracks down his tongue and demands to see the lady he cherishes.”

Khwezi will get captured on Tuesday 12 July when she shares Pretty’s admission, which will cause Peterson to understand that she hijacked Pretty last year when she disappeared.

The Monday 18 July peruses:

“Beautiful pursues a decision that stuns her loved ones.”