Who is Mihloti From Scandal etv? Mihloti’s Real Name

Who is Mihloti From Scandal? Mihloti’s real name is Nkhensani Mlondzo. This comes after many South Africans have been searching for ‘Mihloti from Scandal real name’ on the internet. Mihloti is a fictional character on the South African soap opera Scandal! etv. She is played by South African actress Nkhensani Mlondzo. In this article, you will learn more about Mihloti Wakahina from Scandal.Nkhensani Mlondzo Biography
Full name: Nkhensani Mlondzo
Date of birth: 11 September 1981
Place of birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Education: Tshwane University of Technology (Formerly Pretoria Technikon)






Occupation: Actress, Director, Voice-over artist and Script Writer
Known for: Wakahina on Scandal / Mihloti from Scandal
Nationality: South African

Who is Mihloti From Scandal etv?
Mihloti from Scandal etv, whose real name is Nkhensani Mlondzo, is a South African actress, director, scriptwriter, and voice artist. According to several sources, Nkhensani Mlondzo also known as Khenzo Mlondzo was born on 11 September 1981. Famously known for playing Wakahina on etv’s Scandal! or Mihloti on Scandal! Her role made her a household name in South Africa.Mihloti is a single mother of two, Nhlamulo and Molebatsi. She is also a recovering alcoholic and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Mihloti is a strong and independent woman who is determined to give her children a better life. She is also a loving and caring mother who would do anything for her children. However, her mental health struggles often make it difficult for her to cope with everyday life.

In recent episodes, Mihloti has been struggling to take her medication and has been experiencing delusions and hallucinations. She has also been neglecting her children and has been living on the streets.

Mihloti is a complex and sympathetic character who is trying to overcome her mental health challenges. She is a reminder that mental illness can affect anyone, regardless of their circumstances.

Here are some of the storylines that Mihloti has been involved in:

Her battle with alcoholism and bipolar disorder.
Her relationship with her children, Nhlamulo and Molebatsi.
Her relationship with her ex-husband, Andries.
Her friendship with Mbali.
Her struggles to take her medication.
Her delusions and hallucinations.
Her decision to live on the streets.
Mihloti is a popular character on Scandal! and her story has been praised by viewers for its realism and relatability. She is a reminder that mental illness is a serious issue that affects millions of people around the world.Nkhensani Mlondzo’s first television role was in a cameo appearance on the South African soap opera Generations in 2003. She played the role of a young woman who was involved in a car accident. The role was uncredited and her character’s name was not revealed.

This was a few months before she landed the role of Foulata in the film King Solomon’s Mines. Her role in Generations was a small one, but it was a start to her long and successful career in the South African film and television industry.

It is not surprising that few people remember Nkhensani Mlondzo’s cameo appearance on Generations. She was very young at the time and her role was uncredited. However, it is a significant role in her career as it was her first television appearance.

khensani Mlondzo has had a number of television appearances over the years, in addition to her role as Wakahina on Scandal!.

In 2020, she played the role of a drunk socialite in the Mzansi Magic drama series Xiculu. She then went on to play the role of Sasavona, the villain, in the 1Magic drama series Giyani: Land of Blood in 2022-2023.

Nkhensani Mlondzo is a versatile actress who is capable of playing a wide range of roles. She is a talented performer who is sure to continue to entertain audiences for many years to come.

How Old Is Mihloti From Scandal?
The age of Mihloti from Scandal is not specified in the show. However, according to several sources, she was born in 1981, so she is currently 42 years old as of 2023. It is possible that the writers of Scandal! will reveal Mihloti’s age in future episodes. However, for now, her age is unknown.