Where is Sharon from Generations now? come and see

Do you recall Sharon from the old Generations? Her genuine name is Kagiso Rakosa prominently known from old Generations from 2005 till 2011.

Kagiso was conceived in 6 September 1982. Since the time 2011, she was never observed anyplace on TV aside from via online media, it’s been 9 years now not seeing her.

She also starred a role as Andiswa Mlaba, the sister of Detective Lungi Mlaba on the eKasi+ detective drama series Traffic, in 2014.

We haven’t been seeing Kagiso for 6 years now. Is she cooking up a storm? Her social media has been active and up open for anything. But she hasn’t been making any appearances on any event that has been happening. She has been low key that’s all.

All that we know is that she has been a loving wife and a mother, taking care of her family and nothing much. But I don’t think she will come back to our screens anytime soon. Surely when we see her it will be something major. Right now Kagiso is not up to anything she’s just being a loving mother and wife to her family. Maybe thats what she needed after Generations ended. We will never know