What you didn’t know about Nkosi from “House of Zwide”

Wanda Zuma was born on 7th of September 1991 . He is is a South African actor, director and award winning writer who is currently known for his role in House of a wide, the most recent Telenovela on Etv that has replaced “Rythm City. He is playing Zwide’s son , An accountant in the family business who is trying by all means to make sure the family business is always running at a profit not a loss. He does gives advices wherever he can but you all know his father, he doesn’t take nonsense.

Nkosi has actually went to school of arts in performance to be able to pull off his roles in the television side . He has won multiple awards in SA. He is also a writer and also a film director. This is something that most people was not aware of about this young man. His age of cause shocked Mzansi as they all though he was on his mid 30’s meanwhile he is on his mid 20’s .

There hasn’t been any information leaked to his family, whether her he is married or not or have any children. His parents as well are not included in his biography but we believe they are still alive . Those who knows him says that he is the first born in his family and that acting has always been his passion . His love for his job didn’t only ended there but he made sure to do other things that goes hand in hand with his acting career and that is being a Writer.

Wanda has written two award winning Theatre plays, “Mind games” and “Black collar”. They were both successful and he got awards for that . There are people who really envy his job and how straight forward he is a person as as a family oriented person . Let’s show some love for him and let the world knows how much we appreciate him and his acting career.