What Jacob Zuma’s daughter said about Chris Hani’s killer is very wrong

What Former President Jacob Zuma’s daughter Dudu-Zuma said about Chris Hani’s killer Janusz Walus was wrong and she should apologize. 

We’ve grown accustomed to Sambudla Zuma’s inappropriate remarks, and the sad part is that she gets away with everything she says. She was very vocal during the looting era, and she is now very vocal about Janusz Walus being released on parole from prison. Many people are upset about his release, which is understandable, but wishing him death is not. 







How many people commit murder and how many are granted parole? Is Walus the first person to be granted parole? 

If she is so concerned about Waluzs’s case, why doesn’t she look into who sent Waluzs to kill Chris Hani? 

What she said is totally wrong; will she be held accountable if people start threatening Waluzs whenever they see him or even do something bad to him? And it’s also wrong to wish for someone’s death.