We met on Facebook – The River actress Linda Mtoba spills some tea on her love life

Linda MtobaSHE’S manipulative, conniving and her family has just about had enough of her. But she isn’t going anywhere, no matter how much pushback she faces, especially from the family matriarch, who can’t stand her.
This comes after she took almost a year off TV to have to her baby. When she left, she’d been the much-loved Zama Ngwenya on Isibaya.
Now she’s back and rattling cages on The River.“It was a transition I needed. I have been given the opportunity to grow with my characters. Zama was sweet and Nomonde is very manipulative and being given such a character, I am really grateful because that means they believe in my capabilities,” she tells Move!.
She’s known for keeping her personal life private. The TV star welcomed a baby girl in October last year and has only just recently introduced “Baby Bean”, as she calls her, to her fans.