Vovo Finally Gets A Sperm Donor!!

Mzansi were left in tears after hearing prayer session of Vovo in #ShortandSweet show.

Mzansi could not help but to feel for her pain.

Vovo really want a child and she even went to pray for her aunt for God to soften her heart sine she does not believe that Vovo can have her own…

For many episodes we have watched so far we have seen Vovo trying all means to fins a sperm donor and also to find an surrogate who will carry the child.







In he last episode we saw one lady who were willing to be her surrogate but she wanted something in return.

Vovo desire to have her own child because she was to see whether she can be able to hold a child on her own body.

She has always wanted wanted child because she has raised many children.

This show might as well focus on Vovo , she’s so entertaining.

Being vovo’s friend is just risky.

You don’t know what to expect.

The way Vovo is asking for the sperm donor favour it’s like she is asking for a small change.

Vovo has met with her from who is willing to donate sperm donor.

Vovo have finally received sperm donor but her aunt is not happy.

She does not believe that Vovo can carry a child because she is too little.

Theres no need for aunt to be rude if she doesn’t understand.

The sister is supportive but the aunt is aunt she’s too entitled.

Many viewers want Vovo to have a child, she’s been praying and asking for one man.

Vovo is so straight to the point when doing her prayers, she wants God to know exactly what she wants.

She knows what she wants hence she’s being specifics.