Video Of A ‘Witch’ Flying Sends Shockwaves Across Social Media

South Africans were left in absolute shock and disbelief when a video of a man levitating above a crowd of people was posted on social media. People immediately assumed that the man was performing some sort of witchcraft.




@Zikamanyaname took to his Twitter account to post the video. He left this caption on the tweet, “What in the Limpopo is this!”

In the video, the man is seen high in the sky seemingly trying to move away. A lot of people found the video to be incredibly creepy and unsettling.

While there were a handful of people who were skeptical, many others believed that it was a real witch.


“Limpopo is not beating the allegations any time soon.”

“There is wire on there. The hands keep reaching out to the same level and the left foot is balancing on the same level . Simply talented!”

“Lol, until someone explains why we didn’t use this power to fight colonialism, I refuse to believe witchcraft exists.”