Veteran Actor Connie Chiume Opens Up About Wanting To Commit Suicide

So much is happening in the world currently and it is affecting a lot of people personally. These living individuals are overwhelmed by the things that they have to go through on a daily basis, resulting in their mental health being affected.





And also resulting in many of these people deciding that they want to take their own lives because of how overwhelmed they are by the things that they go through on a daily basis, the South African entertainment industry has suffered a lot and lost amazing talent due to suicide.

When Ricky Rick took his own life, many of the celebs in the entertainment industry were left heartbroken and opened up about suffering from mental health issues as well. It seems like the industry is continuing to lose young people because of mental health issues.

Years back, veteran actress Connie Chiume opened up about wanting to end her own life as well. She spoke at the memorial service of a young actor who died allegedly due to suicide, Siyabonga Zubane. Connie shared that she had had these suicidal thoughts when her daughter died.