Uzalo’s Nosipho is a lookalike of the Qwabe Twins

Nompilo Maphumulo is a 40-year-old woman who plays Nosipho on the SABC 1 soap opera Uzalo. She looks like the Qwabe Twins, who are always in Dj Tira’s posts. In the pictures below and after, you can see how similar they are.





Nompilo, who looks a little younger than her age, was born in Kwamashu and grew up like any other girl. The only thing known about her family is that they were having trouble making ends meet, so Nompilo had to get a job to help them out. Aside from that, nobody knows anything else about her family.

Seeing the Qwabe Twins through Nompilo’s face is easy. She’s supposed to be their big sister, but she has nothing to do with them. People have people who look like them, and the Qwabe Twins are the ones who look like Nompilo.

Are you still not sure? Well, look at these photos of Nosipho with short hair and think about how she looks compared to Viggy and Virginia. If Nompilo was the same age as the twins, we might think she was taken from her parents when she was a baby. But that’s not the case.