Uzalo | Sbu dreams comes real after Vika promised to give him money to host street bash

Friday is a good date for Sbu to host the street bash on Kwanjomane after getting help from Vika, who didn’t hesitate to give the guy the money that he needs so that his dreams can become real after many years of hustling without getting a breakthrough.

But the guy must be warned about his hectic plan of killing Nkunzi because he might get into trouble after working so hard to get out of the prison cells early this month, and now Vika has come as a good samaritan to help the good guy wishes to come.



But this might be another blow for the guy because Vika is also looking for the guy that can help him to bring Nkunzi down, and Sbu is also planning to pay his revenge after Nkuzi betrayed him big time, by letting him stay in the prison for a long time after promising him that he will help him to be out in no time.